Fatal error of the relativity and the research for dark matter,dark energy -the physical “dark world”

 Tong Zhengrong

 Basic physics Research Department, Shanghai Development Research Institute, Development Research Center, The State Council of P.R. China. Shanghai, China.1994-2006.




1.The hard facts we given in text prove that, relativity theory is the fallacy from mathematical errors and experimental perjuries.

2.Conclusion of the study show that one called "fundamental gravitino" (the theoretical mass-energy value given at mw = 3.636 x 10-45 kg) is the Material composition of dark matter in the universe and also it’s the material composition of all the elementary particles too. This is the root cause that the gravitation has universality. In-depth research, the results show that the fundamental gravitino" in all space is the material foundation of the electromagnetic interaction and propagation of light and other physical phenomena. Further more it shows that Stable elementary particles are the “droplets” under the strong gravitino pressure (strength calculated are consistent with the strong interaction) in the entire universe, similar to the droplets in the saturated gas. There are steady-state solutions in Mathematical models corresponding to the proton, the electron and the neutron.The theory for topics such as the dark matter, the dark energy, and the Higgs particle has the perfect explanation and reasonable conclusion...

It seems, Chinese began to keep up with the world's physical trend, started a new physics era of fundamental gravitino- the mass energy source of the universe.


Keywords:  Lorentz transformation of relativity;Physical algebra character :light speed C precession of the perihelion of Mercury; Deflection of light by the Sun; Gravitational redshift of lightThe equivalence principleFundamental gravitino; Space dispersibility; fundamental gravitino condensation; “droplets” fundamental gravitinopressure; B Body; wave-particle duality standing wave statetailpipe Mach point; Particle Basic Body (B body);




This paper reveals the relativity mathematical errors and experimental perjuries that is not easy to find to careless scholars.In fact, The discloser to this problem also is not necessarily a great man with high level.There was one thing: when people appreciate modern impressionist paintings, a child said this painting down, and the painting is really down! This shows that we can understand relativity scholars mistake before, also don't have to think the child is a genius. But the error involves the basic mathematical deduction and theoretical core of relativity theory, with an awful finality. And science is about integrity, seek truth from facts, correct and logic must be closely, can not tolerate any false. For scholars to widespread questioned relativity to take evasive attitude, not to discuss or correction, rejection of alien practice is unforgivable!

Of course, relativity, even if the wrong, nor Nothing is right. It serves to confirm our research and exploration of the "dark world".

In this paper, we give large number of experimental evidence and facts to prove that there exist in all universe space the "fundamental gravitino" and it is the “dark matter nowadays physicists discussing about. Its average speed has considerable magnitude of the light speed, at the same time for scientists it explained the confusion about the dark energy

This article mainly introduces some conclusions of the study,some movement mechanism of physical phenomenon and the mechanism of interaction such as the propagation of light, electromagnetic interaction mechanism,the mass-electric charge math model of proton and electron, the essential mechanism of the strong interaction and its relationship between the stability problem of the material world, and so no.

Also provided experimental evidence to prove the existence of “fundamental gravitino, theoretical calculation of mass-energy level of the fundamental gravitino...  Hope to have can accept for you.

Body text

Ⅰ. A mathematical error in the derivation of the relativistic Lorentz transformation[1]

The basic premise of the inferential reasoning to “The relativity lorentz transformation”:

x=ct;   x'=ct'.

Among them x and t are the distance and the time that light beam A took propagating in inertia K; x' and t' are to describe the distance and the time that the same light beam A took propagating in the inertia K'. Inertia K’ is opposite in x axis of inertia K forward translation, the speed is u. The c is the speed of light.

∵The light speed c is the physical quantity. In difference inertia systems and difference equations x=ct and x'=ct', Relativistic scholars have used the same algebra letter c, the identical physical quantity. ∴ In the K' system and the K system, the distance unit is same also the time unit is the same too.

But the results of the derivation of “The relativity lorentz transformation”: x0' = f(x0) ≠ x0; t0' = f(t0) ≠ t0 . I.e., In the K' system and the K system, the distance unit is not same one also the time unit is not the same too.

The premise of derivation and the conclusion of the derivation are contradicted.

∴The derivation of relativistic lorentz transformation is completely wrong

That end.


This error is simple, apparently belonging to a low-level error, but it is often fatal, unable to repair or salvage and in the aura of authority it is very difficult to be found. Careful scholar also can found that the relativity "Lorentz transformation" is just the equation extraneous roots making identical transformation of the equation while the divisor is zero. Any physicist with a certain level can proof those inertial frames transform is the inevitable result of the Galilean transformation standard according to “the principle of constancy of the light speed” of relativity theory.  

Mathematical physics, academic research emphasizes the seek truth from facts, integrity and strict. To the basic mathematical theory of relativity foundation, there is such a major problem, the eve tall figure of great space-time revolution should be damaged inevitable. However, face to the efforts made​by relativistic scholars for nearly a hundred years, we must be very cautious, and on the experiments to do research and thinking more.


Ⅱ.Perjury cases of relativity in verification experiments for its space-time theory.

 After years of efforts, with whom including all levels, different levels of characters we are discussed, and found that the verification experiments of relativity involved a lot of perjury. We are absolutely astounded. Summarized as follows:


.The observation experiment for the light deflection that produced when the light grazing by the solar surface [2][3][4. Relativistic scholars see light bending 17 ″ that spotted space-time warp 17 ". In this problem they also have totally ignored the refraction effect of gaseous material on the surface of the sun to the light. 5][6

It’s the narrative in the literature of relativistic scholars: when the sun nears the light from the pulsar that by it the eyepiece on earth observed at the pulsar, the eyepiece must adjust the angle to be able observe the pulsar original. Relativistic actually naturally or half unconsciously take the eyepiece as to be detached space-time effect substance or to against the sun's gravity with no deflection effect and observed the warping of space-time. Presumably, experts Riemann mathematics should be out and correct the mistakes.

Of course, physics has mature theory can explain this phenomenon: Outside the sun's gravitational matter density is corresponding the strength of gravity of the sun that performances for the gradient distribution. The light deflection when it through a matter density varies in space is a very normal physical phenomenon. This is we want to draw the attention of the physics community and the one of the perjury of the relativity classical experimental evidence. 


. In the experiments to verify that the time slows in Motion system and there is life increase to motion particle, incredibly relativistic effects in motion system are observed in the static system!

The basic conclusion of relativity mathematical theory about the space-time theory is that to the same event, measurement values corresponding physical quantity in different inertial systems are different.

Mathematical expressions have strict requirements and regulations to the physical quantity system and the measurement system.

All the so-called "life" value in motion system observed in the static system, contrast the description and definition of Einstein Lorenz transform about different inertia physical quantities to the same event, this is obvious mistakes. Unfortunately, this fallacy has been identified as the great achievement of the times!

This is we want to draw the attention of the physics community and the two of the perjury of the relativity classical experimental evidence. These experiments include the typical orbit perihelion precession observation experiment of planets (including the mercury) [7][8][9and so on.


. The validation data putting together in the latest Doppler Effect Experiment of Relativity theory [10]

The key of the problems lies in the experiment at lithium ions are accelerated to high speed 0.064C, verification calculations using accelerated before the energy level values and the energy level distributions. This is we want to draw the attention of the physics community and the three of the perjury of the relativity classical experimental evidence. At the same time it is also the typical pseudo example above problem 2.


. on the verification experiment of gravitational red-shift effect related to the general relativity (including experimental validation of atomic clock frequency gravitational effects etc.).

As everyone knows, the general relativity used the circular motion velocity formula of Newtonian mechanics into the special theory of relativity "Lorentz transformation", made a so-called equivalent space-time. Obviously, the gravitational red-shift experiment should be in the proof of the correctness of Newtonian mechanics. [11][12][13As for the special theory of relativity "Lorentz transformation" that we has proved just a mathematical error and fallacy experimental evidence. Of course, if in the low speed category, not high accuracy requirements, may accept as the approximate calculation method.

All kinds of experiments about the gravitational red-shift take the effect of Newtonian mechanics as the relativity evidence, Reminiscent of the "shrink" master of Chinese mythology hundreds of years ago, the same journey he arrived with less than half the time, is said to have shrink to half magic. Of course in arithmetic approximations, this is good. It’s just as equivalent approximate if relativistic said, this is the actual work, but said it was "time warp" that it would be a different matter. This is we want to draw the attention of the physics community and the four of the perjury of the relativity classical experimental evidence.


All the conclusions show that, relativity theory is the fallacy from mathematical errors and experimental Perjuries. 


Relativity theory based prerequisite of incorrect, no rigorous mathematics and experimental perjuries gives the absurdity conclusions. The so-called “Length contraction ”Time slows; "Space-time warp; the cosmic space-time, mass-energy burst at the “singularity”! Known as one of the greatest scientific achievements! What a fantastic.


To the theory of relativity, the positive evaluation we can give is only that in physics it plays an irreplaceable role.

Although, relativity exist some defects on mathematics and experimental perjuries aspect but, relativistic contributions to mathematics is a realistic and objective existence. Relativistic gravitational equivalent theory in the approximate calculation and creating experimental formula has certain practical significance for solving some problems. Here we must take into consideration is, to the development of physics relativity has a more significant meaning, that is:

1. The lot of experiments related to the relativity lays the foundation for creating a new theory.

2. Relativity theory has the irreplaceable role to establish and study the new theory because in some fields it afforded too much though cannot involve or try to avoid, such as the mechanisms of light propagation and electromagnetic interaction and so on. The theory of relativity has certain reference value. China's "fundamental gravitino theory" is born in this background. The road relativists have traveled, save us a lot of time and let us go directly to the truth.


.The basis of the fundamental gravitino theory and its relationship with the "dark matter"

This paper claims that a technique called the “fundamental gravitino” makes up the dark matter, which also makes up all the elementary particle, and this is the root cause that the gravitation has universality [1-3].

Related research has found a method to determine the mass-energy value of the "fundamental gravitino" and given the theoretical value at mw = 3.636 x 10-45 kg, [12] which tallies with the experimental values from the detection for free particles in space that observed by “Double Star” [De Broglie][13] and “binary pulsar” [Seal Berg][14]. proof see the Dark Matter Physics, Chapters 1, 2, and 4 [15

This is the first qualitative and quantitative experiments wev got to prove the existence of the fundamental gravitino.


一.The basic characteristics of the fundamental gravitino in space

According to the knowledge of today’s physics, we can give the basic characteristics of the fundamental gravitino in space:

a. Gravity is the basic property of the fundamental gravitino, but the direct gravitational force between particles is too weak to aggregate to larger particles. Fundamental gravitino falls within the scope of elastic particles. When close to each other over a certain distance it shows repulsion, which is the cosmic repulsion mechanism that currently the physicists found.


b. The gravitational superposition arising from the “fundamental gravitino” all over the universe results in the gravitino pressure in space. The calculation shows that the gravitino pressure is consistent with the intensity of the strong interaction and also shows that the elementary particles are the “droplets” under the strong gravitino pressure in the entire universe, similar to the droplets in the saturated gas. There are steady-state solutions in Mathematical models corresponding to the proton, the electron and the neutron.


c. The average speed of the “fundamental gravitino” is at the same magnitude as the speed of light.


d. The "stickiness" of fundamental gravitino in space is extremely small, but under the strong cosmic gravitino pressure the “dark matter” is with a strong field action effect.


e. The “fundamental gravitino” in the universe has the extremely low mass density at the magnitude of 10-28G/cm3. As media matter it plays a very small role in the non-high-speed state of moving objects; however, it has the extremely high amount density – the surface of a sphere with the diameter of 1 Angstrom is hit by the fundamental gravitinos in the space at the magnitude of 108-14 times per second.


f. The fundamental gravitino has much stronger permeability than a neutrino.


二.The Expression in the fundamental gravitino theory to the wave particle duality of light propagation mechanism 

Above-mentioned "," in the points-based we can thoroughly understand the puzzle about the propagation mechanism of light, found that the motion of light is a kind of wave-particle interference phenomenon between the gravitino particle pulses and fundamental gravitinos in the space as the media that has the mathematical form of the standing wave. Since then, fundamental gravitino theory provides a practical research platform for physicists to exploration the mechanisms of strong interaction, electromagnetic interaction and so on. Using existing mathematical methods we can get the mass-electrical mathematical model of protons, electrons and neutrons; even ordinary physics researchers can make rigorous theoretical derivation to the Three Experimental Laws of electromagnetic and even the Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetic field. [20]

The relevant content published in the America Natural Science magazine in 2012 3 monthly.


三.Several key mystery neglected in physics

Exploring the basic reasons of the Generally applicable that the universal gravitation possesses we find that in between the three of dark matter, dark energy and the "fundamental gravitatio" there is a causal relationship. This study allows us to answer the following series of puzzles:Why the material world is stable? It is only composed of protons, electrons and neutrons and so few stable particles?And why their mass and the amount of charge is determined?Why any powerful particle collider only give a lot of short-lived particles, can never get a new stable particles, different the existing stable particles to form a new stable material world? In fact, we seem to determine the fundamental gravitino is the material basis of the electromagnetic interaction and propagation of light, also proved their physical mechanisms, including the nature of the reasons for superior strength and short-range force characteristics of the strong interaction.


1930s, Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky[31],In the study the relationship between the rotation speed and the position, found that the exception occurs for rotation curve to the Kepler's theory[30]: “Objects with different distances from the center have the same rotational speed”. Finally he got a surprising result that In galaxy clusters, visible mass is only 1/300 of the total mass of galaxy clusters or less, that is to say, the 99% of the universe is invisible and only by gravity to "feel" their existence.

To serious and with certain knowledge physicist, who’s first recognized, should be that the great discovery of great astronomer Fritz Zwicky contains two keys conclusions:

a. The 99% of the Entire galaxy's mass is "invisible", only through gravity "feel" to their existence. That is to say, the mass of dark matter is 99% of the total universe mass.

b. The so-called "the objects at different distances have the same rotational speed" means that this "invisible" gravity substance is dispersed in space among the clusters. Namely: the existence of dark matter has the "Space dispersibility".


The discovery of dark matter become essential to prove the fundamental gravitino theory another major experimental evidence.

In fact, the experimental evidence of the fundamental gravitino theory related to all aspects of physics, the book of "dark matter physics" [28] and The entire length of it is to study and discuss the evidence base and associated logic.


Regarding the physical problem of fundamental gravitino existence, the following discussion points are worth a mention:

a.  Microwave background radiation.

b.  Exchange of the light matter between elementary particles.

c.  Annihilation of elementary particles: elementary particle has its antiparticle, without exception, positive and negative particle interactions will be converted to light energy.

d.  Interaction between elementary particles is always accompanied by light emission or absorption.

e.  All types of substances have common gender of gravitation

f.  Mass-energy relationship of Total energy of the matter directly derived from the fundamental gravitino theory. [14]

g.  Wave-particle duality of light and the difference of mass from cosmic photometry mass and gravitational mass confirmed the existence of light media material.


. Some conclusions and results from the fundamental gravitino theory

一.The mathematical relationship among the mass of the universe, the mass of the fundamental gravitino and the strong interaction

It has been discovered that there is a mathematical relationship among the mass of the universe, the mass of the fundamental gravitino and the strong interaction as follows[17]:


Under this model, the strength of the strong interaction is Mu times of the gravitational forces between particles (Mu is the total mass of the universe), which conforms to the actual condition for the intensity of strong interaction. Meanwhile, it indicates that it is a misunderstanding of considering that the strong interaction exists inside the particles.

Some conclusions from study the fundamental gravitino theory involves the existence mechanism of stable material world and reveal the nature that protons, electrons, neutrons have determine mass and value of charge is because they are from the same fundamental gravitino composition,the strong interaction is not generated from inside the particles but by the Pressure Effect, which is resulted in the accumulation of the overall gravitation from all the galaxy gravitinoes.


. The stable particles are the “fog grains” condensed with the "fundamental gravitino" under the overall strong pressure of the fundamental gravitinos in the universe, which are similar to the "droplets" in the saturated gas.

This research gives a dynamic balance equation and a mathematical model for the stable state of fundamental particles [18]:

. The study leads to the concept of “Stable-state Particle Basic Body”, or “B Body”, and proves the unique existence of "B body". The model gives directly the three stable states which correspond to protons, electrons, neutrons respectively[17];[18].

This conclusion has been proved by all the particle collision experiments and really involves the cause and mechanism of the stable existence of matter, also the nature of the mechanism that the word matter is made up by only a few stable particles. And it let people understand why scientists have been using strong energy to accelerate particles, including the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project by the European Organization for Nuclear Research Centre (CERN), they fail to get anything but short-lived particles in a flash only and they fail to get any new "stable particles" different from protons, electrons and neutrons as we have known that to form stable matter.


. Reveals the basic features of space "dark matter" that is composed of the fundamental gravitino:

This has been expressed in the chapter Ⅲ. Here from grazing.


By the way, take "the three features of dark matter WIMP model" to make some comparison, not difficult to find, the dark matter "fundamental gravitino" model has better outstanding performance:

a. Fundamental gravitino has ' various properties of cold dark matter ', which is self-evident, believe, no one would suspect that, fundamental gravitino compared with the permeability of neutrino stronger.

b. In the particle physics theory it’s relatively easy to structure the particle in line with the WIMP characteristics, also we have to see, the "dark matter fundamental gravitino model" has been verified for a lot of physical experiments and facts. [28

c. A team of authoritative domestic scholars (led by the famous physicist Xinzhou-Li) once conducted a mathematical analysis on the theory that fundamental gravitino constitutes the entire universe. Conclusions are given that fundamental gravitino theory can really solve the problem about the candidate of the cosmic dark matter (see “Dark Matter Physics”, Chapter 11.1. WG star, the mathematical analysis for WG constitutes the entire universe)[16.


五. About the "dark energy"

The average speed of the “fundamental gravitino” is at the same magnitude as the speed of light

Physicists have confirmed that the total mass of dark matter is above 95% of the mass of the universe, therefore, at the same time the fundamental gravitino theory in the proof of existence of fundamental gravitino, also has solved the problems of the so-called "dark energy" and its existing state. Just imagine to the dark matter under the fundamental gravitino theory, in addition to the known material actually there are more than 10 times the universe mass before physicists never noticed, Moreover, the average speed of the “fundamental gravitino” is at the same magnitude as the speed of light that the great of this "energy of the dark matter" is completely out of consciousness and imagination of physicists, and that is the “dark energy” undoubtedly! Of course, I also recommend physical explorers go strictly to think carefully.


. Researches have shown that the motion of light is a wave-particle interference phenomenon between the fundamental gravitino particle pulse and fundamental gravitinos in the space as the media. The mechanism is described as follows:[20,21]

Assuming that the light source stimulates some fundamental gravitino pulse under a certain action, the media (matters) will fluctuate inevitably when the particle beam projects into the media surrounded by the same fundamental gravitino. The fluctuation frequency is related to the beam source and the energy of beam also other natures. Meanwhile the media matters fluctuations inevitably have the counteraction on light sources, thus forcing the light source stimulate fundamental gravitinos in a forced vibration frequency. We have well-proved mathematical wave theory to deal with the physical problems. This is obviously a kind of typical standing wave. In fact, the wave particle duality model of light propagation can be simulated in the following experiment:

A specially-designed high-frequency molecular beam shot "gun" projects the air molecules in "ultrasonic" frequency to air-filled space. All the wave-particle duality features can be observed in this experiment; we can check its linear spreading, radial "wave pressure" (equivalent to light pressure), interference and diffraction……. The model also reveals that the wave-particle duality will be quite obvious so long as the difference between the radiation beam particle flow of source and "fundamental gravitino" mass-energy is within a certain range. The heavy particle beam that has greater particle mass-energy than the fundamental gravitino has is mainly characterized by particles. This conforms to the facts. This model also gives a rational explanation to the plane of polarization of light, photoelectric effect and other experiments. (“Dark Matter Physics", Chapter 5 & 18)[21] .

Above, the macroscopically simulation experiment designed by the fundamental gravitino theory for simulation of light propagation actually issued perfect interpretation by tailpipe Mach point that with three times the speed of sound emitted by the long-range strategic reconnaissance SR-71 [32] that produced by American Lockheed.


. Based on the fundamental gravitino theory we make a thorough research to the electrostatic interactions, find that the external radiation frequency of the "Particle Basic Body (B body)" should be divided into two major parts, one is the vibration frequency νB of the “B body” as the heart of mass, and the other, the radiation frequency νw of the fundamental gravitino cloud outside the nuclear of the "B body". Obviously the vibration frequency from the center of mass is much lower than the radiation frequency of orbital fundamental gravitino, they have completely different spectrum, and νw >> νB. Specifically take the proton body and the electron body to compare, the proton body's external radiation is chiefly the νw, called the high frequency body; while the electron body's external radiation is chiefly νB, called the low frequency body. Electric interaction is attributed to the dynamic effect follow the resonate principle between the different frequency bodies and between the same frequency bodies. The nature of electricity is defined as The fundamental gravitino flux external radiation from the charged object so that electric charge quantization essence, “Coulomb's law”; "Gauss Law"; "Biot - Sha Cutting Law" have being naturally derived from the premise above [22].


. In regard to magnetism, a conclusion has been drawn in this theory that it is just the fundamental gravitino absorption or release field and the spatial fundamental gravitino whirlpool complex field. The related experimental laws could also be derived from this theory [23].


. The study also conducted a symposium on the following issues:

a. The material basis,principles of interpretation and mathematical derivation associated with the introduction of Plural form of the quantum mechanical wave function [24].

b. The light standing wave state of wave-particle interference on the fundamental gravitino theory; the following-up principle about media system of the light propagation”;

c. The paradox, the atomic system is stable, but its electron orbital probability movement inevitably radiates electromagnetism energy ceaselessly;

d. The propagation of light and the "Doppler effect" related to dissemination distance…


Ⅳ. Related topics discussed

The premise and foundation of the fluctuation mathematics and the Higgs particle

1. A self-evident fact in physics

By mechanical properties of medium, the wave theory derived the mathematical expression of the wave propagation, despite fluctuations in mathematics usually does not appear more physical quantities of the medium exist, but there exists the medium for wave propagation in space is the premise and basis of fluctuation mathematics. So, once the wave mathematics used in quantum mechanics, in essence the foundation and the premise of the mathematics about the medium existence is first established and must be satisfied. 

Of course, the applicable and conditions of the mathematics of wave motion have a specific meaning:  the physical characteristics amount of wave motion: the amplitude, the wavelength, etc. are spread from near and far and rule change. Wave motion has other properties such as the superimpose and the diffraction and so on.


1964, the Belgian theorist Robert Brout and Fran OIS Englert proposed quantum field equation, Called the quantum field can diffuse in the whole universe. This is also confirmed the premise and the foundation from the essence. Therefore, the quantum field and the fundamental gravitino theory are consistent in essence, of course the consistent conclusions on the major issues will be given. Different is that the fundamental gravitino theory clears the premise and foundation, and made the fluctuation media specified. Refer to: Tong Z.R (2006) Dark Matter Physics,chapter 4.1[14] .

So, for the propagation of light, in the framework of the fundamental gravitino theory, its motion mechanism is clear:

It is expressed as a wave-particle interference phenomenon between the fundamental gravitino particle pulse and fundamental gravitinos in the space as the media. It has the mathematical form of the typical standing wave.

This conclusion is not only confirmed by a large number of experiments such as the wave - particle duality of light. Also it solved the problems of the material basis and the strict mathematical proof for the introduction of plural form of the quantum mechanical wave function, and thus relates to a series of problems. Refer to: Tong Z.R (2006) Dark Matter Physics,chapter 15.2[24] .


2. In this, the way we talk about the so-called Higgs particle: 

The fundamental gravitino theory demonstrated that the gravitino throughout the universe, gravity superimposed caused great pressure, through calculation, the gravitino pressure and strong interaction both the strength is quite.

The stable particles are the “fog grains” condensed with the "fundamental gravitino" under the overall strong pressure of the fundamental gravitinos in the universe, which are similar to the "droplets" in the saturated gas.

The study leads to the concept of “Stable-state Particle Basic Body”, or “B Body”[18] , and proves the unique existence of "B body". The model of it gives directly the three stable states which correspond to protons, electrons, neutrons respectively. Of course, its mass and size are directly related to the "gravitino pressure" external space. The instantaneous space produced by the LHC proton collider experiments, the pressure is more powerful than the normal when the B Body produces. At this time the "particles" must be greater than normal "B Body". Or is the so-called "Higgs particles", it only exists in the tiny space produced by proton collider and within a short time.


Quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and these today called the great physical theories, although do not understand the fundamental gravitino theory, but to take the right way and experiments as the foundation, through nearly hundred unknown constants and parameters to make mathematical corrections to some related problems; made renormalization treatment to solve the divergence difficulty for infinite upper limit integral appearing (ultraviolet radiation and infrared divergence); and the two quantization (canonical quantization) of wave function etc, research has made great contributions to the elementary particle, is worthy of our praise and admiration.




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